Migra Mitts: The MClub's 3rd shipment!

Migra Mitts were designed as the pattern for the 3rd kit of 2015's M Club!
Migra Mitts are knit with one skein of Gale's Art MYS 622 a stunning blend of merino, yak, and silk. Gale dyed a stunning deep red for the club. It's actually even richer than shown in these photos. We called it Lola's Red as is it one of my favorite colors, and Lola is my alter ego (did you know that?) She's the one who dances with her hair down until all hours of the night, I don't let her out very much anymore....
Migra means Migrates in Spanish, which is a perfect translation for this beaded stitch as it migrates (or travels) from one side of the hand to the other. The pattern is sized, and the Right and Left Mitts are mirrored.
You’ll get to play with two different beading techniques (beads on yarnovers and slipping beads in between stitches) while working double sided lace in the round... FUN TIMES!!!! The lovely part about this pattern is that the smaller beads (size 8) are the ones that are slipped between sts, and the larger beads (size 6) are worked on yarnovers... this makes it really easy to notice if you have gone off pattern or forgotten a bead!
A KAL for this pattern is "on" for 2015 M Club Members in our Ravelry group.
And of course there is a video!


  1. Great pattern!
    Looking forward to finding the time to knit those beautiful mitts - and the yarn and color is gorgeous, like always!
    I love to have beaded mitts!


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