TNNA 2015: Columbus Style!

I'm back from TNNA... what a blast! The booth was WAY too busy to be taking photos, but I did get a few as each day flew by in a blur of seeing old friends, making new ones, showing kits and patterns and generally schmoozing it up knitter trade show style!

I convinced my good friend, and yarn genius Jill Draper to join me, and that saved the day! Many of my kits use Jill's yarn Esopus so she knows all about them, and she is an excellent roommate/travel buddy. Also it turns out that she likes to eat donuts as much as I do... and she isn't scared of Zombie's either!
The booth on Saturday am, before all the festivities began!
This is Theresa, a member of my M Club, who won a bead stash from me and picked it up at TNNA!
She was pretty thrilled with her haul! (and yes, I am wearing my Meta Mystery Shawl!)
Melissa, Patty and I had a quick meeting about the cruise at Craftsy's teacher dinner, it's pretty clear from this photo that we aren't plotting anything fun for our week together!
A new Kit! Lapso Cowl!!!!
Another New Kit: Beaded Waves Cuff! (separate blog post to follow!)
Katie and Susan from A Good Yarn stopped by to say "HI!" and we took this pic for Jan, Susan's employee and one of my Rav group members... and all around AMAZING person... I told Susan I wanted to steal her! Hi Jan!
Jill and I ate donuts... EVERY DAY! FYI, Blackberry &  Rosemary is an incredible combo!
Photo Credit: Jill Draper
Want to see more? There are some other great pics in my Instagram feed, and in Jill's... I didn't want to scare anyone by posting zombie pics here!

(and for the very astute... you will notice a sneak peek of a BIG project coming next Fall : )! )


  1. Can't wait for the Fall project - it looks like sooo much fun!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Can't wait to knit the beaded cuffs! And that white chocolate pretzel donut sounds delicious!

  3. Lol, I was wondering about that unfamiliar knitted thing lurking in the pictures! Looking forward to hearing about it!

  4. Oh my gosh, Laura! You guys are so funny! But thank you for thinking of me! I'm glad you got to meet up! So fun!


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