Adornaments: A Beaded Ornament Collection!

Introducing Adornaments... my first foray into beaded ornaments! SO FUN!
I originally conceived the idea to design a line of knit ornaments two years ago... and have been working on Adornaments in earnest since late last winter. It's a great departure from knit jewelry; a small beaded accessory that is perfect for quick gift knitting!

There are 5 ornament patterns total in Adornaments, 3 in The Stars (Stellita, Stello and Astellar) and 2 in The Lights (Ilumina and Espira). The Stars are knit in cotton and worked from the center out with beads. They are stiffened when finished (blog post coming next week) to help them keep their shape. The Lights are knit in fingering weight wool with beads and then stuffed.
The patterns are available two different ways... you can buy the Adornaments e-book which contains both The Stars and The Lights patterns for $12, OR you can purchase kits for The Stars and/or The Lights ($19/each) which contain a download code for that pattern along with all the materials you need. The patterns include links to video tutorials to help you learn the tricksy bits in the designs.
The Stars kit contains mercerized perle cotton, Size 8/0 and 6/0 glass seed beads,dental floss threader, super floss, 2 hooks for hanging, a PDF pattern download code and include enough materials to make either 1 Stello and 1 Stellita, or 1 Astellar and 1 Stellita, or 3 Stellitas. The Stars kit comes in 5 colors; Royal, Icicle, Poinsettia, Glacier, and Holly.
The Lights kit contains a “Gumball” from Knitted Wit; Size 6/0 glass seed beads, dental floss threader (for stringing beads), Super floss (for placing beads), 2 hooks for hanging, a PDF pattern download code and include enough materials to make either 1 Ilumina and 1 Espira, or 2 Ilumina, or 2 Espira. The Lights kit comes in 5 colors; Royal, Icicle, Poinsettia, Aqua, and Holly.

Kits are available from your LYS (just ask them to order some!) or my Etsy store... the e-book is up on Ravelry!

It's time to start playing with beads and make some lovely little gifts! These are GREAT present toppers, and making a strand of 6 Stellitas would make the most beautiful garland! I'm working on that next!


  1. Knit Fool Deirdre (Rav)September 24, 2015 at 1:16 PM

    They are all beautiful! They'll be great gifts to share the holiday spirit.

  2. I can hardly wait to make one!!!

  3. Beautiful! I think Stellita is my favorite. Looks like they would be fun to make and look great on a tree. (sjn821 on Rav)

  4. I am crazy about anything Laura does. Love her classes

  5. I purchased the Adornaments: The Stars awhile ago and just took it out to use. Unfortunately, there is nothing printed where a code should be to download the pattern. What do I do? Who do I contact?


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