Novus Collection: Choosing Your Size!

Next in the Novus Blog Series it is time to discuss how sizing works in the Novus Collection to help you decide what size to cast on for your body! The nice thing about the sweaters in Novus is that they are supposed to have a loose fit, so you have a bit of flexibility when choosing your size. Both Hot Flash and Las Cruces are designed with 2 inches of ease. What does this mean? The sweaters are designed to be 2 inches bigger than your actual bust size so that they hang loosely on your body.
What size should  I make?
Go look at the schematic for the pattern you are making and find your bust measurement on the first row (To Fit). That will most likely be the size you will make. Many of you might find that your bust size falls in between the bust measurements given which means you need to make a decision! How do you want your sweater to fit? Do you like your sweaters to be a bit more fitted, or loose? That might help you decide. You can also look at the Hip measurement (last row). If you are pear shaped you'll want to make sure that that measurement works for that part of your body as well.

Schematic for Hot Flash (the measurements on Las Cruces are slightly different)
Note: The difference between A and I is that A is is the sleeve width flat, and I is the sleeve circumference (i.e. it includes the side panel).

What if you want the bust measurements of the Medium but you are vertically challenged and need the length of a small?
The sweaters in Novus are worked side to side so the rows determine the width and the sts determine the length. (read more about the construction here)  It is totally possible to knit the length of a small, and the bust of a medium!

What you will do is work the sleeve for the Medium, and at Row 1 of the Set Up for Body cast on the stitches for the small size at each end of the sleeve. These stitches determine the length of the sweater! Then you will continue as established but makes sure you work the repeats of the pattern for the Medium. Those repeats determine the width of the sweater. Then you will mirror this on the Left Side… it might sounds confusing but it is surprisingly simple.

 A few case studies:
Here is Carol's STUNNING Hot Flash:

Carol's bust is smaller than her hips so she went with a larger size. Usually she is a 1x, but since she likes her sweaters roomy she opted for the 2x.
To quote Carol: "I was glad I went with the larger size because my yarn did not have much give and didn’t block out as large as the 2x. Make sure you do your gauge swatch to see how it will block out, I did and knew I should be good going with the 2x. I am very happy with the size of my Hot Flash, it fits great."

And Kelly's GORGEOUS Hot Flash:

Kelly chose to make her Hot Flash in an XS as she is quite petite and didn't want to swim in her sweater!
To quote Kelly:
"If you are debating size to make, I think you need to decide if you want a generous loose fit or something more closely fitted to your body. I made the size XS and I am normally S to M. But I am quite happy with the snugger fit. I did make my sweater in a wool blend which doesn’t stretch and grow as much as linen or cotton. You will notice the more oversized look of the other test knitters sweaters."

 And Suzie's VIBRANT Hot Flash:

Suzie debated hard about her Hot Flash sizing... she knew she fit the Medium in her bust size but needed the length of the large. I helped her understand how easy it was to adjust the pattern and look at how well it fits her!

And my TWO Hot Flash(es) (cause I girl can't have just one!)

The sweater on the left is the one I made first in Siidegarte Siide-Buschper in a Small and the version on the right is knit in Wollmeise DK in an XS.
I love my original Hot Flash but you can see it is quite long and loose on me... it really only works with pants and tighter shirts so you can see my waistline. Whenever I tried it on with looser clothing I looked like a dumpling....
So, I decided to make an XS in a yarn that had a little less drape to so it would sit on my body a bit more... and now I can wear it with a dress! (Note: not every dress in my closet works with it, this one has a waistline and is a bit fitted!)

You can see MANY more Hot Flash and Las Cruces Sweaters on their Ravelry pages... take a look at how everyone's sweaters are fitting and what size they made. That will probably really help you decide which sweater is right for you!

This concludes the Novus Collection Blog Series! I will certainly add to it if questions come up!  I can't wait to see your sweaters come off the your needles!


  1. Hi Laura! Its fun to discover your blog! I am writing with some suggestions about what I would like to learn in the M club next year: I would love to learn how to knit cowls in the round that are as fluid and draped as my pashmina shawls... I would also like to see a skirt pattern knit in the round that uses some lace and beads! Since you asked, on my knitted bucket list has always been my quest to knit a belt that is slightly curved, so that it makes my 28 inch waist look like it is 26 inches! Finally, I love leg warmers, and it would be fun to have a sassy pair to wear in the winter! Thanks so much for all that you do. Rebecca Shore


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