Video Tutorial: Crochet Cast On

Today clue #1 of Circo Mystery KAL releases... and the first thing you have to do is a crochet cast on and I made a video for you!

I also use this cast on in The Novus Collection, and many of the patterns in Knockout Knits use it, so I am happy to add it to my video tutorial arsenal!

The crochet cast on can be used as a regular cast on if you work it with your working yarn... just remember that it isn't super elastic. This cast on matches a traditional bind off the best. It is also a great provisional cast on if you work it with scrap yarn which is how it is used in Circo!

If you are using this cast on provisionally then make a few extra chain stitches off the needle when you are done and tie a knot or two in the end of the yarn. Then you'll know which end to rip out from!

I also absolutely love Lucy Neatby's video on this technique... it's how I learned how to work it, so if this doesn't make sense, or you want more clarification, please do go watch it!


  1. Lori Hawthorne: Thanks so much for video Laura. I have your book Knockout Knits and want to make the Crux Cowl. I couldn't figure out the crochet cast on from book. Amazing how easy it is once I show your instructions in video. You are such an Great Teacher and I have come to enjoy the different knitting techniques that you use and teach. Have a Very Happy New Year and thanks again for your instructions that always are clear and helpful and your patterns that are inspirational.

  2. This is the only explanation of this cast on that ever made any sense to me!! I had been doing the workaround one - with crocheting the chain first then picking up the loops in the back of the chain - but I realized that wouldn't work with Navigatrix with dropping some loops. Thank you again!!!

  3. Hi Laura,
    How do you finish this cast on? What do you do with the loop on the crochet hook at the end?
    Thank you,


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