Crucero Shawl Kits

Crucero Shawl Kit
You might have heard that I'm doing a cruise with Melissa Leapman and Patty Lyons in December.... I found myself telling Melissa last spring that I wanted to design a shawl for the cruise (and teach it as a class while at sea) and we agreed that kits for the shawl would be a good idea as there is no yarn shop on the cruise!!!!

So, I've been diligently working away on it...
And now it's done! (and I have an accurate bead count for the kits!)

The actual pattern won't be revealed until we are on the cruise... I'll be uploading it to Ravelry once we get back to port! This means that all of you who can't come on the cruise can knit Crucero too!

I used Anzula Breeze for the shawl, a yummy 65% silk, 35% linen heavy lace weight yarn that has stunning drape and is perfect for warm weather knitting (and wearing). I had a hard time but narrowed it down to 3 colorways... I knit mine in Aqua, and am thinking perhaps my Mom is going to need a Dusty Rose (though she still wants a Meta!).

To read more about the kits and purchase one go here.

(Note: If you are going on the cruise I need your order before 10/15 so I can get your yarn to you in time to ship it to you. If you live internationally I can bring your yarn with me so you don't have to pay shipping!)

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  1. I'm knitting the foolproof cowl on the go and doing Spinzilla at home