Techno Gloves

Did you know I live somewhere COLD?  Well, now that I have a smart phone with a touch screen I've run into a problem... I want to answer it, check my e-mail or just tweet and I have to TAKE OFF my gloves to do it.  This just doesn't work when it's 10 degrees out!  Last year my hubby was talking my ear off about conductive thread and how cool it is and how it's the wave of apparel design' s future, and I was like yeah.. yeah.. yeah...  right.  BUT, it is!!!!  
I decided to get some from Etsy and give it a whirl, and you know what?  It IS the latest greatest thing...  I knit some gloves (with Colleen's help) and held the conductive thread double with the yarn for the tip of the index finger, and IT WORKS!  I can use my phone outside and not freeze... who woulda thunk it?  I did decide to give my finger a little extra "boost" and wove the ends of the thread across the pad of the finger a few times more:
I got my first length of conductive thread here, as it is sold in 5 yard bits which was perfect for experimenting.  It looks like other family members are clamoring for it in their gloves, so I'll be ordering a bigger spool from here soon!  

Yarn and Pattern Details:  A modified version of my Twisted Gloves worked with Schaefer Yarn Heather in Thistle


An Interview and Giveaway at Sandra's!

Just dropping in quickly to let you know I did an interview with Sandra Singh over on her blog!  Sandra has started carrying my patterns and I'm thrilled to be partnered with her....  the interview also has a giveaway for one of my beaded cuff kits and patterns, so don't miss it!

You'll also get to see a new pic of me, taken by Caro of SplitYarn when I was at TNNA a few weeks ago.  I'll be sharing more pics from that photoshoot when I release another new design next week, stay tuned!
And finally, I've been a bit of a ski junkie lately, going x-country skiing whenever I can... the Fingerlakes region is PERFECT this time of year and I am eating it up! (Take that winter, I am SO the boss of you!)  Here's a pic from this morning's sojourn, I'm going to have to work late tonight to make up for it, but it was worth it!



Introducing Aventina... my latest beaded lacey scarf design!  I love Aventina for it's width, length, weight and drape.  It's the perfect size to wrap around your neck multiple times and still have length to hang down!
I developed the stitch for Aventina while deconstructing the stitch on a sweater my Mom bought for her Mother in the 1950's in Paris.  There were many more beads on the sweater, done in a random almost scribble beading way and I am looking forward to working it more for another design in the near future!  
Aventina is worked in two halves and grafted at the middle.  Beads are placed onto double decreases with a crochet hook OR dental floss.   I made a video to support the technique that you can view here.  There is a link to the video on the pattern as well!  The lace pattern is both charted and written out. 
1 skein Schaefer Yarn Audrey or other luxury fingering weight yarn
Size 6/0 glass beads


Placing Beads on Your Knitting: Video Tutorial

Here's a video tutorial: Placing Beads with Dental Floss or a Crochet Hook
You can use this technique for Aventina and Bergamot

You'll just need some scrap yarn, knitting needles, Super Floss or a small crochet hook and a few size 6 glass beads... sit down and give it a try!

This shooting video thing is getting easier and easier!!!!


Quest for a Man....

Somehow that sounds more sordid than this blog post really is!
When I was designing Quest #2 I had a feeling that a similar design would make a REALLY great man's hat... the element that was working against the design looking good on a man are the short rows that create the crown.  Once I got the design done I decided to knit my buddy Eric a version that would look good on him too!

The mods are simple:  
After you have finished all the increases for the size you just work rnds 1 - 20 more times. Then switch to smaller needles, purl and knit a few more rounds and then bind off... how easy is that?  The beauty of knitting a hat from the top down?  You can try it on and see what you think!

I've released a FREE version with these mods here. Enjoy!

For those of you who are wondering?  I knit this version in Schaefer Yarn's Miss Priss in the colorway Ash... a color I have a VERY hard time staying away from, grey, it's the new black!


If I Had More Hands... I

Here's the first in a new little blog series I want to run when the mood strikes me... it's called, are you ready?


I'll be rounding up items I wish I had time to make, most will be knitted, but a few won't..... because really people, almost every day I find something I wish I had time to create on top of the many projects I already have going on my needles that I am thoroughly jazzed about.... turns out this knitting/crafting thing? It's a disease!
Wash Squ 3
Washington Square Designed by Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops
Love this sweater... I know if I had it I would wear it almost everyday, especially if I knit it in grey

Radiant by Meghan Jones in Petite Purls, Winter 2010
I just love the construction of the sweater, worked side to side with garter ridges, I have some cascade eco-wool that would be perfect for this...

Bruce! Designed by Luciana Jorge of ¿Qué estás tramando?
Just because this guy is too frickin' cute! 

I am currently working on a few secret projects, AND getting ready to release a some patterns I just showed at TNNA... in the meantime, I have one thing I can show you one thing that is on my needles and not a secret: 
Leyfi by Rosemary Hill from Interweave Fall 2010 
Schaefer Yarn Esperanza, color: Spruce 

Note to self:  If you finish up secret project #1, you can knit the sleeves!!!!

So, what projects are you wishing you had more hands for?


Quest for a Hat?

On a Quest for a Hat?  Look no further... here is a new design of mine that has just gone live on Knitty!
I am particularly in love with the shaping of this hat.  Worked from the top down short rows make the front of the hat longer than the back so that the top of the hat sits at the back of the head.  I never knew it but it turns out that this is a very flattering style for me....
There are two versions of Quest, both based on the same construction, one worked entirely in stockinette stitch and one with a gentle honey comb that adds texture and depth.  The hats came out quite differently and I love them both!  For lots more pics go here.

A little treat for you:  I learned a new cast on for this design that always stumped me in the past and decided to make my first video to teach you how to work it too.  Since the hat starts with 8 sts cast on in the round using a circular or disappearing loop cast on is an easy way to get started... sit down with a cup of tea and give it a try!

Thanks to Juan Aceves for the great photo at the top, with the full moon and Hudson river in the background.... but that's a story for another post!

Circular Cast On Video Tutorial

Here's my first video tutorial: Circular Cast On 
You can use this cast on for both Quest and Centrino, and the Trapeze Mystery KAL!

Grab some scrap yarn and a set of double pointed needles and give it a whirl... 

Shooting video is a fun new challenge for me and I look forward to doing more of it in 2011! I can't wait to hear what you think...


Bergamot Shawl

(Pictures Copyright Interweave Press)

The new Knitscene preview is UP with one of my designs, Bergamot Shawl in it!    Love is not a strong enough word for this piece, in fact, I do believe I cried when I sent it off to Interweave.  A large part of August was spent knitting this puppy while I camped with my family...  remember this post?  I even knit on it by campfire light!  Here are some close ups I took before I shipped it off....
I love the construction of Bergamot... it starts with the lace edging, and then sts are picked up all the way across it for the body of the shawl.  Decreases are worked at the center back and at each edge... so every row is shorter than the last!  The stitch has a stockinette base with 1 x 1 cables that create a V-shape.  The floating beads are then worked by reaching down in between the cables 4 rows below and creating new sts that then have beads placed on them with a crochet hook or dental floss.  (Expect to see a tutorial on placing beads this way SOON.)  Finally it is blocked and fringe is added, et voila! 
Bergamot is worked with two strands of Schaefer Andrea held together.  Laceweight silk held double creates one of my new favorite fabrics... remember Mythos II?  If holding yarn double gives you a headache, though, you could easily make it with a fingering weight yarn instead!

Knitscene hits the stands January 26th... you don't want to miss this issue!


Happy Birthday Miss B

I can't quite believe my girl is 11... times flies when you are having fun, right?

Happy Birthday Miss B, I love you beyond belief!