If I Had More Hands... I

Here's the first in a new little blog series I want to run when the mood strikes me... it's called, are you ready?


I'll be rounding up items I wish I had time to make, most will be knitted, but a few won't..... because really people, almost every day I find something I wish I had time to create on top of the many projects I already have going on my needles that I am thoroughly jazzed about.... turns out this knitting/crafting thing? It's a disease!
Wash Squ 3
Washington Square Designed by Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops
Love this sweater... I know if I had it I would wear it almost everyday, especially if I knit it in grey

Radiant by Meghan Jones in Petite Purls, Winter 2010
I just love the construction of the sweater, worked side to side with garter ridges, I have some cascade eco-wool that would be perfect for this...

Bruce! Designed by Luciana Jorge of ¿Qué estás tramando?
Just because this guy is too frickin' cute! 

I am currently working on a few secret projects, AND getting ready to release a some patterns I just showed at TNNA... in the meantime, I have one thing I can show you one thing that is on my needles and not a secret: 
Leyfi by Rosemary Hill from Interweave Fall 2010 
Schaefer Yarn Esperanza, color: Spruce 

Note to self:  If you finish up secret project #1, you can knit the sleeves!!!!

So, what projects are you wishing you had more hands for?


  1. Okay Laura, you just had me gaping wide! I read your blog fairly regularly and really love your lace and jewelry designs. But while perusing old posts of yours I was astounded to see my Radiant pattern listed as a pattern you would love to knit! Thanks so much, it really made my day :) xo Meghan Jones

  2. And you made my day that you were posting "older" blog posts! I adore Radiant!


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