Quest for a Hat?

On a Quest for a Hat?  Look no further... here is a new design of mine that has just gone live on Knitty!
I am particularly in love with the shaping of this hat.  Worked from the top down short rows make the front of the hat longer than the back so that the top of the hat sits at the back of the head.  I never knew it but it turns out that this is a very flattering style for me....
There are two versions of Quest, both based on the same construction, one worked entirely in stockinette stitch and one with a gentle honey comb that adds texture and depth.  The hats came out quite differently and I love them both!  For lots more pics go here.

A little treat for you:  I learned a new cast on for this design that always stumped me in the past and decided to make my first video to teach you how to work it too.  Since the hat starts with 8 sts cast on in the round using a circular or disappearing loop cast on is an easy way to get started... sit down with a cup of tea and give it a try!

Thanks to Juan Aceves for the great photo at the top, with the full moon and Hudson river in the background.... but that's a story for another post!


  1. Laura! I'm obsessed with this hat!!!

  2. so cool! congrats on another awesome Knitty design

  3. Laura, This is an amazing pattern and works up perfect for a chemo cap as it flatters the wearer's face and stays put without fighting with coat collars. Thank you for a great idea. I can see many versions of this pattern.
    Cathy C.

  4. I knit this hat in 2 days! Great pattern. And very flattering as well! I love the cast on and how you showed it--was super easy to do! Thanks so much!


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