Introducing Aventina... my latest beaded lacey scarf design!  I love Aventina for it's width, length, weight and drape.  It's the perfect size to wrap around your neck multiple times and still have length to hang down!
I developed the stitch for Aventina while deconstructing the stitch on a sweater my Mom bought for her Mother in the 1950's in Paris.  There were many more beads on the sweater, done in a random almost scribble beading way and I am looking forward to working it more for another design in the near future!  
Aventina is worked in two halves and grafted at the middle.  Beads are placed onto double decreases with a crochet hook OR dental floss.   I made a video to support the technique that you can view here.  There is a link to the video on the pattern as well!  The lace pattern is both charted and written out. 
1 skein Schaefer Yarn Audrey or other luxury fingering weight yarn
Size 6/0 glass beads


  1. Sooo beautiful! I aspire to do more lace knitting and this is just lovely:)


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