Quest for a Man....

Somehow that sounds more sordid than this blog post really is!
When I was designing Quest #2 I had a feeling that a similar design would make a REALLY great man's hat... the element that was working against the design looking good on a man are the short rows that create the crown.  Once I got the design done I decided to knit my buddy Eric a version that would look good on him too!

The mods are simple:  
After you have finished all the increases for the size you just work rnds 1 - 20 more times. Then switch to smaller needles, purl and knit a few more rounds and then bind off... how easy is that?  The beauty of knitting a hat from the top down?  You can try it on and see what you think!

I've released a FREE version with these mods here. Enjoy!

For those of you who are wondering?  I knit this version in Schaefer Yarn's Miss Priss in the colorway Ash... a color I have a VERY hard time staying away from, grey, it's the new black!


  1. Great hat pattern! I love the way you start it. Your tutorial is very helpful (I have not cast on this way before)

  2. Nice hat! Thanks for offering the pattern for free!

  3. I am so dumb! I thought you meant repeat rows 1 - 20 as is, so I was increasing exponentially, and wondering how all those stitches were going to fit on a 16" needle! I even switched to magic loop! I think if I hadn't frogged it it would have made a nice circular blanket. Glad I came here for a little more clarification! Thanks for the pattern!


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