Adorn Bonus: Crochet Butin!

I've got a little surprise for you! 
Introducing Crochet Butin, a crochet version of Butin Collar
I'd been getting requests to try this and I'm so glad I did! 
A striking crochet necklace, Butin requires only 20 yards of fingering weight yarn and is SO EASY you can make one in a night! Beads are simply slipped up to form a “swag” of texture at the center of the piece. This is crochet beaded jewelry at it’s easiest! 

Also, want a kit for Crochet Butin?  You can order one here... just ask for the crochet version when you check out!  If you subscribe to Adorn, Crochet Butin has been included as a bonus 11th pattern!  Enjoy!!!!

Thanks so much to Joan, Colleen and Mandy... this would NOT have happened without your help!