Butin Earrings... another way (or two!)

I've been doing some playing with my latest pattern for Adorn, Butin Earrings... want to see?
Butin Earrings Wire Style
This first version is done with 28 gauge silver wire with 6/0 and 8/0 triangular Miyuki beads.  It actually took me a few tries to get them right as the wire was a bit finicky to work with... I ended up getting some great support from Colleen and this book.  The trick?  A fair amount of tugging and massaging to get the wire to relax into shape. 
Butin Earrings Habu Style
This version is done with Habu Silk Stainless Steel in Violet with Miyuki 8/0 triangle beads and Magatama 4 x 7mm fringe beads.  These I absolutely adore and plan to make more!

Have you made Butin Earrings yet?  People are starting to post their projects on Ravelry, can't wait to see yours!!!!