Apricot Jammin'!

apricot jam

Last week we drove to Victor to go riding and spent the entire drive trying to find a u-pick apricot farm on Seneca Lake.... we didn't find it, but when we got to Geneva we did find Red Jacket Orchards, and somehow 56 pounds of apricots made it into the van.  When we got home that evening, after apricots and bad pizza for dinner, it was time to decide what to do with them.  

Most got processed for the freezer, and the last 10 pounds got turned into JAM!  
apricot processing
I used this recipe a few years ago.... it is super simple, kinda sweet, and YUMMY!  It's different than any other canning I've done in that you don't need pectin, or to boil the jars, but it works....
apricot jamming

Some of my people might be seeing it as part of their homemade holiday love this year....