Happy Fall Y'all!

It's my favorite season... and it's time to celebrate with you!  I decided that the Butin Collar Kits needed some new colors to welcome in the cooler weather... colors that are RICH and WARM and WEARABLE!  Want to see?
From left to right:  Mary Walker Phillips (with the prettiest Raspberry colored beads), Rosa Parks (love the reds in this!), and Indira Gandhi

How are we celebrating?  Ready for a sale?  From now until September 26th at midnight ALL of the kits in my Etsy shop and patterns in my Ravelry store will be 15% off... this is true for both the new colors and one that have been around for months. Just use coupon code FALL4KNITTING at checkout!

A few tidbits:
*Sarah, from The Sexy Knitter, held a fabulous interview with me that also includes a giveaway... go check it out!

*I am teaching next weekend in Oklahoma City, at the Gourmet Yarn Co, and I think there are still a few spots open in some of the classes : )!  Hope to see some of you there (or at other workshops this Fall)!

Happy Knitting!!!!! 


  1. Coupons and giveaways abound! Love it! Also, the new fall colors look great. :)

  2. I told my good spouse that I was going to give up ice cream for three weeks to pay for Adorn, and he said I didn't have to do that. See what a good spouse he is! Of course, I think that's because he didn't want to spend three weeks in the same house as me without ice cream.

    I bought myself some Blue Bunny Premium Super Fudge Brownie at the grocery store, then came home and bought Adorn. And completely forgot about the coupon code.

    I think I need to go eat some ice cream now to cheer myself up!

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