My Busy Bee: A family joke!

I've decided to let you all in on a little family joke we have going around here... cause it just cracks me up too much to not share.  
Earlier this summer we watched Best In Show with the girl... we all especially loved this scene with Parker Posey.  (I was really hoping to embed it, but YouTube won't let me!)

Ever since then, when I get that crazed look in my eye and start rustling around for my knitting either my honey or the girl will ask:
"Can't find your busy bee?  
Do you need your busy bee?  
Where's your busy bee?"  

Now we just call my knitting My Busy Bee... is it yours too?  You are welcome to jump on the Busy Bee band wagon, there is plenty of room!

Oh, and parenting tip:  If you are watching something with your child that might be just a wee bit "advanced" for them (ahem) DO NOT keep looking over to see if they are "getting" it..... any child with half a brain will quickly figure out that they should be doubling their efforts to comprehend the scene.  Let's just say, LESSON LEARNED!


  1. hehe love this! love n miss you guys
    xoxo j,e,c n lu

  2. So funny! We were like that with the baby binky when the boy was a newborn ;) now I need to know, do they every find the busy bee?

  3. That is, hands down, one of our favourite movies!

    As for the kids, I have found that they get more than we think they do/should much of the time, and if it really drives them nuts, sometimes they'll actually ask...

  4. Oh my gosh, whenever my parents and I watched a movie with those kinds of scenes in it, they just became visibly uncomfortable - no nervous glances at me, just dead silence. *Awkward!*


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