Vogue Knitting Live: A photo-recap

This weekend I journeyed down to NYC for a weekend full of knitting, friends and food at Vogue Knitting Live.  The conference was incredibly well organized and chock full of events...if you ever have the chance to attend one, i say: GO FOR IT!
Early am in NYC!
Early am coffee outing!
Connie and Melissa!
With Connie and Melissa at Connie's Book Signing!
Anna of MochiMochi Land!
I went just a wee bit fan girl on Anna of MochiMochiLand... how could I not?
Jill and Cal!
There aren't really words to tell you how much I LOVED hanging with Cal and Jill                  (and Jill's yarn!)
Nancy Marchant
I took a class on Brioche Lace with Nancy Merchant,
to say that my mind was blown is an understatement!
Leaf Motif- Brioche Lace
One of Nancy's examples, this is a simple leaf motif in 
brioche lace, done in two colors which makes it reversible!
Feather and Fan- Brioche Lace
Can you believe this is feather and fan?  I ADORE it!
My Brioche Lace
My swatch... I got 3 inches done in 3 hours, that's an inch an hour people!                        Not my fastest knitting, but I learned a TON!
Knitting Career Panel
Panel on When Knitting Becomes a Career
Left to Right: Melanie Falick, Debbie Stoller, Norah Gaughan, Kristy McGowan, Erin Slonaker, Betsy Perry, Trisha Malcolm,  Kirsten Kapur, Laura Zander
My Haul
My haul! NEW books from Ysolda, a kit from MochiMochiLand, tattoos from Soak, and GORGEOUS yarn from Jill Draper Makes Stuff, Tanis Fiber Arts, & Mocha's Fibers
Kirsten et Moi!
A "ladies" lunch in the basement of the Plaza with Kirsten... oh my, I think she                    and I could talk for HOURS and we'd still have more to say : )!
Some mandatory clothes shopping at Uniqlo for my family and Kate!
Want to hear who/what is missing in these photos?
*My phenomenal roommates Kellen, Ellen and Kelly... I think we were having too much fun to remember about pictures, WHOOPS!
*My dinner at Griffou (insanely good locavore restaurant with a Spanish flare) on Sat night with Cal and Jill!
*A trip to one of my fav restaurants in the world, Maya, with Ysolda, Cookie, and my roomies!
*My trip with Kirsten to the MOMA for an exhibition of Diego Rivera's Murals.

All and all, it was one of those weekends that will go down in history... though yesterday when I got home I kinda felt like one of these guys:


  1. So unbelievably jealous. I now must go knit a teeny tiny mochi mochi something just to feel better.

  2. I was in Chicago. So wish I could have been a day tripper and tagged along.


  3. I LOVE the brioche lace and if it took you an hour to knit an inch, I'm not sure I can do it. Would it be impossible using English style of knitting, throwing vs picking?

  4. Julibeth- What fun that would have been! Next year, ok?

  5. Pam- I LOVE it too, and wish I could design a cowl in it, but I can't imagine writing it up so anyone else would get the same results as me!

    I will say that there were a few English style knitters in the class and they were able to work the technique as well!


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