Workshops at Pioneer Yarn Company

WOW.... what a weekend!  I flew out to Minden, Nevada last Thursday eve to teach at the Pioneer Yarn Company  and OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!!  (I really wish I could just stop there, as there almost aren't any words for how amazing the experience was!)  I think I might have found a potential retirement location!

I arrived late at night and as Cherita (PYC's phenomenal owner) and Kim (my hostess with the mostest) drove me home they kept pointing in the dark to where the mountain ranges were.  The next morning I woke up to the most phenomenal views. Minden is in Carson Valley surrounded by the Sierra's to the West and the Pinenuts to the East.

Note: If you click the button with the four arrows, it will make the slide show full screen, and then if you click Show Info on the upper right hand corner you can see my notes about each pic! (just press esc on your keyboard to get back to this blog post when you are done!)

Before I taught on Friday Cherita took me up the mountain to Lake Tahoe where we tooled around and I oohhed and aahhed, and generally made a touristy fool of myself at all that beauty and sunshine (please keep in mind I hadn't see the sun in over a week...) We visited, Tahoe Knitting Nest, Lauren's sweet knitting store at the very top of the mountain, and there saw people skiing from the yarn shop window!!!! (I squeeled!)

Friday afternoon I taught a new beaded cuff design (more about this in another post) to a great group of ladies. I had all skill levels in the group and everyone had a wonderful time and learned something new! That evening we had a Kinetik Mystery KAL meet-up and I got to see everyone's work in progress and chat a bit. All their versions were stunning. We had lots of giggles while they took guesses at what they were making!

Saturday I taught an all day class on Clarus that was a highlight. I worked on a mini version with beads added to the bottom and taught everyone how to incorporate them into the design. It was the fastest five hour class ever... PYC's knitters were incredibly attentive, and had the BEST attitude about learning new skills. I got to meet a few knitter's I've known on Ravelry for quite a bit (BeccainSonora and NanaLisette) and made a whole slew of new friends!

We ended the weekend with an AMAZING meal at a Basque restaurant. The Carson Valley used to have many large sheep herding operations (there are still some) and Basque sheep herders were brought from Spain to run the flocks. Many settled in the area, so of course Basque restaurants sprung up! I counted 4 as we drove towards the Country Club. One of Cherita's employees Mary, and her husband Jesus, used to own the restaurant and they joined us for dinner along with Kim and Tom (my hosts) and Cherita and Wayne of course! 

A HUGE thankyou goes out for the weekend to Pioneer Yarn Company's owners Cherita and Wayne as well as all the knitter's who helped make the weekend a success!  What a knitting lovefest we had!  I hope I get to come again (hint, hint Cherita????).

And I bet you are wondering the result's of the bead poll and the winner of the giveaway right?  You can see the official results here. The Sparkly Grey Small Beads with Lavender Lined Large Beads won by a landslide! The winner, chosen randomly, is.... AlligatorIf you have a chance, check out Alligator's blog... the life as a knitter in Alaska, I'm so intrigued!