A trip to McNeedles (and some New Orleans fun!)

I'm just back from another FUN weekend of teaching... this time I was lucky enough to be invited to McNeedles, which is in Lacombe Louisiana, on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain, right across from New Orleans.
From left to right: Pam, myself, Maria, and Cherie!
I always love getting to experience a little local flavor when I travel to teach and this trip was RICH! I knew it was going to be good when I was picked up from the airport by Pam, McNeedles owner, and whisked over to Emeril's on Tchoupitoulas Street.... BAM!
We then headed over the lake and I got a good night's sleep. The next day I arrived at the shop, which is sweeter than sweet. Pam has taken an old shotgun style building (built in the 1800's) and renovated it into a stunning yarn store. I had full classes both Friday and Saturday.... I made my students work... I promise they had more fun than they look like they did in this photo!  There was alot of laughter to go with all that learning!
We went out Friday night to a lively restaurant right on a bayou... I reveled in being able to walk outside without socks and leggings... and was treated to a stunning sunset through trees.
Saturday night I headed to bed early so we could get up and at 'em Sunday! First we had Beignet's and coffee at a Cafe Du Monde satellite shop.
I forgot how much I love chickory in coffee.... SO GOOD! I ate all three of my beignet's and didn't share at all... needless to say I came home with a little beignet baby. We then headed over the lake to New Orleans to revel in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.... want to see?
It started off with a marching band!
These cuties gave me flowers since I took their pic!
Some AH-MAZING St Paddy's day sneakers!
Maria and Pam, my fearless tour guides... (i think Pam looks a little afraid of me in this pic!)
The parade has a hysterical  tradition of the floats throwing vegetables along with beads and candy.... you can read a bit more about it here. I have to say that they were actually handing off the cabbages and potatoes not throwing them at people.... that could knock you out!

I can't tell y'all how I managed to get all the cabbages, potatoes, carrots, garlic,beads, toys, etc I did... what happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans, right? I didn't get a photo of our whole haul (which was ginourmous) but Maria did snap this one of me feeling just a little in the spirit!

The moral of the story?  The next time you are in Louisiana, you have to head over to McNeedles and say "hello" to Pam, Cherie and Maria... they are the best, and Pam is REALLY good at buying yarn so her store has an excellent selection!  I got some yarn for a new summer sweater I can't wait to share with you all!


  1. I'm so happy that you were able to experience some of the crazy fun & food we enjoy down here in Louisiana. That class was fun & I love my Butin necklace.

  2. Laura that looks like CRAZY FUN!!!

  3. We absolutely loved having you visit, Laura! Come back anytime, especially during parade season, or maybe jazzfest ;). xoxo McNeedles family

  4. Wish I was there. We will be going next month for a couple of days.

  5. Suzie took the words out of my mouth! I was going to say that's some CRAZY FUN!!! :)). Love the picture of you with the huge cabbage. and those beignets look delicious!!!!

  6. Work should always be that fun, right? Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!! Lucky all!

  7. Love this post - looks like you had so much fun. And BTW - if there's a Whole Foods near you, they carry the orange tins of Cafe du Monde chicory coffee. I love that stuff.

  8. You look like you're having an awesome time! I hope we get some warmth and spring weather (someday)

  9. Looks like a completely wonderful time AND yarn shop! :)

  10. Oh that looks ridiculously fun. And, warm. Every teaching weekend should include beignets and parades.


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