Cheers!!!! A New Pattern and a Birthday Sale!

Cheers!!!! Guess what?  It's my birthday (I'm turning 28 for the 16th time) and I want to celebrate with you!

I've released Cheers!!! on Ravelry... and decided to have a little one-day sale in my Etsy shop to get this party started!

For today ONLY I'm offering 28% off all my kits AND if you place an order, you'll get a code to download Cheers!!! for free! Can you tell I feel like partying today????

I have 17 kits to choose from... I am running low on stock for a few of them (like Soutache, Rippled, and Cheerio), and when they sell out I won't be re-ordering supplies... it's time to slim down the line a bit so I can bring in some new designs!

So here are the details... go to my Etsy shop, choose some fun kits and use the coupon HAPPY28THAGAIN at checkout to get 28% off. (This sale is only for kits in stock.)

Your sales receipt will contain a link and download code to redeem your free pattern.

And because every photo shoot has one goofy shot:
Thanks again to Patty McGuire for the amazing photos!


  1. no way!! thank you so much and wishing you the happiest of birthdays! your rock!

  2. oh and awesome photos and i LOVE Cheers!

  3. Happy Birrrthday Girrrlfriend!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday. May it be filled with Cheers!

  5. OMG!! You know, you always hope when you get to meet one of your favorite celebrities, that they are half as nice as you think. In this case, Laura has FAR exceeded my expectations. Not only is she a brilliant knitwear designer, she's a super nice person. (and really patient teacher) I am honored to have been included in this photo session and THRILLED beyond measure you love the pictures so much. Everybody, if you are a lace knitter, BUY THIS PATTERN!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so beautiful.

    Thank you Laura! I hope this is just the beginning of a long and happy working relationship. Happy Birthday, friend. Take the rest of the day off! Cheers to you!

    Patty 'Mac'

  6. Thank you! Happy, happy birthday!!

  7. I was too late for the b'day surprise, but I did purchase the pattern and can't wait to start!
    Happy belated Birthday!!
    BTW, lovin' your new class on Craftsy......I can't tell you how much I've tinked my shawls....I don't look forward to my mistakes, but maybe I'll be able to fix them myself next time.
    Have a great "day after your birthday" day!

  8. Happy Birthday Laura! Thank you for sharing ~ I picked out two of my faves - Cheerio & Stereo. xoxo Briggie

  9. Happy belated birthday Laura!!! I'm so sorry I'm late but I had a crazy busy week and I'm just checking my emails now with a cup of coffee! I love you CHEERS pattern and I'm heading to etsy now to get the kit! Margaret

  10. Happy belated birthday! These photos are amazing, the kits look amazing, this post is full of happiness :D


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