What is a Mystery KAL (Knit-A-Long)?

I'm getting ready to release my next Mystery Knit-A-Long (WOOT!) and it's come to my attention that many knitters don't know what a Mystery Knit-A-Long is, or how mine work!
What is a Mystery KAL?
A Mystery KAL (Knit-A-Long) is a knit-a-long into which a knitting pattern is broken down into clues. Clues are released one at a time on a set schedule and the participants do not know what they are knitting while they work the clue (i.e. there are no photos). All of my Mystery KAL's are brand new, never seen before, designs... and they are always innovative and amusing!

I don't typically tell knitters what they are making in my Mystery KAL's so part of the fun is trying to guess what your knitting will turn into. (Hint: if you look at my past MKAL's you can see that they are always one-size accessories, like cowls, scarves, or shawls.) I keep the construction unique as part of the guessing game! What you can feel confident in is that if you like my design aesthetic you will enjoy my Mystery KAL's... I'm very careful to keep my design "voice" true (i.e. you won't be knitting a sweater with a beaded intarsia dachsund on it)!
How do you sign up?
My Mystery KAL's are announced about 1 month before the first clue releases.  You can sign up for the KAL by purchasing the pattern (either on Ravelry or my website).
When you sign up you will be sent a pdf that will contain the schedule for the MKAL, yarn and bead (beads are always optional!) requirements, and any necessary gauge and needle information you need to be ready for the MKAL launch.  
(Note: if you are in my M Club you will automatically be sent an e-mail with a download link for the pattern, make sure you are signed into Ravelry when you click on the link so you get updates!)

After signing up, go to my Ravelry group... we've got a great community and everyone LOVES to help pick yarn and beads. I have threads set up to start the Mystery KAL support.
Once you have signed up clues are automatically released on schedule and you will receive an e-mail with a link to the updated pdf. With each release, new threads are set up in my Ravelry group to support and encourage you all.
What I love about Mystery KAL's....
Often times knitters can see a photo of a project and get overwhelmed by it's intricacy and decide there is not way they are going to attempt the pattern (even if they are perfectly capable of knitting it). With Mystery KAL's there is no photo to incite fear... you just get your clue and follow it word for word. Many knitters find an incredible amount of confidence while working Mystery KAL's as they find out what they (and their needles) are really capable of! 
There are forums in my Ravelry group where you can ask questions, post photos, and get all the support you need. We have a no knitter left behind policy, so as long as you want to ask questions and learn, someone is there to aid you!

Please ask questions if you have any.... I'm happy to clarify!


  1. Great explanation of MKAL's, your unique approach to MKAL's, and you wonderful No Knitter Left Behind Policy. Looking forward to our first clue!

  2. Sounds fun! Do you give yardage requirements before purchase? I'd like to see what's in my stash that could work.

    1. Yes, that is always announced when the Mystery KAL opens for sign-ups!

  3. What???? No beaded intarsia dachsunds??!!?? As a member of the M Club, I am lucky enough to have gorgeous yarn and beards ready to go for the MKAL. Looking forward to it!

  4. How precise are yardage measurements? I have 420 yards in my main color. I have plenty in my contrasting color. I don't like yarn chicken and stress in my knitting. Knitting is my stress reliever.

    1. Hey! I normally leave 10-15% leftover for just in case, but I don't think that will help you... 420 yards just isn't quite enough for the MC!

  5. Shoot! I have a beautiful skein of Shalimar Breathless in chocolate and war that is amazing!

  6. I am allergic to wool and can only tolerate about a 25% wool content in yarn. Would silk yarn or acrylic yarn work for this project?


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