And back again....

What a whirlwind of a week!

I spent the first part of last week shooting my new class for Craftsy... want proof?
On Set at Craftsy!
The days flew by as I shared my love for knitting with beads with Justin, Rachel, Josh, and the camera... my production team now knows more than they ever wanted to on the subject!  One eve I took advantage of Denver Restaurant week, mmmm, Rioja with Kellen was SUPERB! 
Savory Spice Shop
When it was all over I treated myself to some culinary inspiration.... we have Mole in our future!  Then, Stefanie and I went out and talked for hours. I adore taking my online friendships and making them REAL! (in typical fashion I was so busy chatting I forgot to take pictures for proof of our good time, you'll just have to believe me!)

Then it was time for a 24-hour vacation... I arranged a blind-date with Anne of Flax and Twine!  We've chatted on-line (and on the phone) but never met in person... I even upped the ante by suggesting we go back-country skiing, something I've always wanted to do in Colorado!  BEST.BLINDDATE.EVER 
First, we skied in the mountains above Boulder at Brainard Lake....
The Mountains!
Then, we went to The Loopy Ewe for Knit Night.... if you are anywhere near Fort Collins, visiting is a MUST!  Sheri and her elves have done a fabulous job with their new space!
Knit Night at The Loopy Ewe
Clockwise:  Anne and myself high on yarn fumes, a WHOLE wall of lornas laces, some new additions to my stash, sock yarn as far as the eye can see....
Then, we had frozen yogurt with LOTS of toppings for desert (of course, I was too busy eating to take a pic) and went back to Anne's house to help each other with the inner workings of Blogger until the wee hours....

The next morning I was entertained by Anne's family as I watched 3 kids under the age of 9, 2 parents, and one insanely cute 8-month-old-rottweiler-German shepherd puppy get ready for their day.... we then met more friends at Tangerine for brunch, and it was time for me to head home!   Phew! Could someone remind me to do that more often? A HUGE thankyou to Anne and her family for their genuinely lovely hospitality!  I look forward to returning the favor someday!

But, I bet you just read all of that because you want to know the winner of the yarn spinner, right? Congrats go to Misha!!!!! Btw, if you didn't win, David will be stocking more yarn spinners soon (I think we "made" him sell out!), just go favorite his Etsy shop and then you'll see when he has more in stock!


  1. Oooh how fun!
    I love craftsy classes. ^_^

  2. I want to take trips like this!

    I am so excited for your new class...your last one took me from an "only knows the basics" knitter to one who makes massive numbers of lace shawls! I'm almost scared to take this one too--I'll never be able to resist adding beads again! :-D

    Are we allowed to ask what patterns you use for the class?

  3. LOL... two new patterns, and one that I teach you how to place beads on! The class will be out soon and you'll hear all about them... promise!

  4. Will we still have to wait till the beginning of April for the course?


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