Knitting with Beads... my new Craftsy Class!

I'm so thrilled to share with you that my new class, Knitting with Beads on is LIVE!

I designed two new projects for this class The Pioneer Cuff, and a new shawl, that I adore, Accola.  In the class take you step by step through how to make these two designs, which teach a myriad of tricks and tips for knitting with beads.  I also teach you how to add beads to existing lace patterns.  I am so excited about this part of the class!  I start with Clarus and then show you how to incorporate them into other charts as well.  SO.FUN!
Accola Shawl- Jill Draper Makes Stuff Nimbus, in Bottle
Accola Shawl- Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, in Midway
Pioneer Cuff- Fingering Weight
Pioneer Cuff- Sweet Georgia Yarn Tough.Love.Sock
Clarus with Beads
Clarus- Anzula Yarns Cloud in Mulberry
Working with Craftsy has to be one of my new favorite things to do... I really only have the most FABULOUS things to say about them, their platform, and their staff members.  In the on-line interactive learning platform Craftsy created you can ask me questions along the way, and post photos as you work.  If you run into a trouble spot, you can ask me (and your classmates) for tips, advice, and techniques to get you back on track. Once you purchase a Craftsy class you own it forever and can watch it as many times as you need/want to get your projects made!  Hint:  If you click on the link at the top of this post, the class is 50% off!

I'll be back with more posts that describe these new patterns in depth later this week... but for now, enjoy!


  1. I am so excited - I have been waitin gfor this to go live ever sonce you were away filming. I am going over now to sign up although I have a few projects that I must start before starting on the ones there - I'll enjoy sitting and watching the videos through though in the meantime. Thank you. C

  2. I have not knit with beads however it is on my knitting bucket list! :)

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  4. VERY exciting! I have wanted to learn this for a while! And I love the Craftsy classes. I usually watch late at night when everything is quiet and I have no interuptions. This is a wonderful addition to your lace knitting class on Craftsy. Way to go!! :-)

  5. I purchased your bead class the very day it was available on craftsy. I had purchased your lace class and thought it was great so I was eager to get this new one as well. Both are superb. You are a great teacher, going step by step and supplying your students with wonderful tips and techniques. Thanks so much for offering these. Looking forward to further classes being offered by you.

  6. I hope this is just the second of many! I haven't picked up my needles for quite a few years (career and obligations got in the way) but am now retired and think that thanks to your wonderful classes I may be buried with a needle in each hand - still clicking away!


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