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Well, it's Monday, and somehow since I posted here last I have TONS to tell you... ready?
  • Guess who's teaching at Vogue Knitting Live this January in NYC?  Me!!!!  I'm thrilled that they asked me to teach, and cannot wait to share my "knitting" with in the Big Apple! Go here to see my classes and sign up.... registration just opened and spots in classes go quickly at this event!  I attended last year with friends, and had a truly fabulous weekend!

  • I've got a pretty fabulous contest going on for the members of the Trapeze Mystery KAL over in my Ravelry group... I asked what everyone thought they were making, and the answers are making me (almost) pee in my pants!   You'll have to go over there to read for yourself... I've told them they are making leggings, but so far only one person (you know who you are Barb) believes me!  One stipulation of the contest is that everyone has to go comment on at least 4 other Trapeze projects... I think we all forget how GREAT it feels to get positive feedback on Ravelry!  I know it makes me grin!
  • There are still spots open in my workshops  at Lovin' Knit this October in Georgia... call the shop to sign up!  I am teaching Mudra Cuff on Friday night, and adding beads to Skywalker on Saturday, I am so looking forward to my trip to Atlanta!
Also, I would like to acknowledge that this blog post has 20 exclamation points... guess I might be feeling a bit overly enthusiastic today, sorry!


  1. You crack me up! Not leggings???? I'm so disappointed! lol NOT :-)

    Congrats on the teaching gig at Vogue Knitting Live. You are such an awesome teacher.

  2. When, oh when are you coming to Southern California? My travels don't take me to the East Coast but perhaps I should make this an excuse....

    1. Hi! I won't be in So Cal anytime soon, unfortunately! This is a pretty good excuse, though to head to the east coast!

  3. I enjoy knitting. Yet every item I make is on straight or double pointed needles. I just can not seem to concour circular needles.
    I'd love to make a garment with our seams

    I believe this set would help me in my skill level. It would be an honor to win


  4. I am back to knitting now that I'm Retired. Last Christmas I made hats & Mittens. My needles are old, the older metal ones are tarnished or rusted (pitted), so I have been replacing them as I need them. This new kit would help a lot. Please enter me for the new Circular Needle Set. I'm sure it will be helpful for me with the Holidays coming.
    Thank You,
    Joan Gannon

  5. Today is December 11, 2012. I just found you! I will buy a full set sometime soon, but would love to enter another giveaway whenever there is one. I have three sets of interchangeables, including the ones with no key to tighten. Lots of fun to knit on and on only to find that you disconnected long ago. I am still looking for the perfect set. You describe exactly what I am looking for. Please do a tutorial on a lifeline. I would love to know what that is. I am a novice lace knitter.
    Sheila Livingston


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