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Alright, y'all... I'm about to ask you to go do something.....
Do you know Jill Draper, and her stunning, luscious, AMAZING yarns?  Well, you should!  Jill is a yarny artisan, most of her yarns are sourced, milled, and dyed all in New York State.   Jill has been selected as a finalist in Martha Stewart's American Made Awards, and she has the potential to win $10,000 which she DESERVES!  Jill doesn't take the easy route to get her yarns to us knitters. Working with farmers and mills can be HARD work, and takes way more time, energy, ingenuity and patience (as those sheep need to actually grow their wool)  than just ordering a stock yarn base.  Once she gets the yarn she still needs to process it, dye it, wind it, tag it and ship it.  That's alot of work!

It's no secret that I ADORE Jill and her yarns.... in fact right before we left for Iceland I made my girl a new hat with Hudson in Bottle!
Offspring Hat
Remember Bottle from Accola (in Nimbus)? I obviously can't get enough of that color!
My new Butin Kits also use Jill's Aurora...

I am feeling extra lucky as I am going to Hemlock Fiber Festival this weekend, and JILL WILL BE THERE!  I've got some heart set on some Hudson in Bing Cherry, so if you get to her booth early, save some for me!

You can vote for Jill once a day.... and please do! Winning this would be an amazing experience for her that she certainly deserves!  Also, please share this with your friends, the more votes, the more likely Jill is to win!


  1. Thanks so much Laura! Can't wait to see you this weekend & don't worry I'll have a secret stash of Bing Cherry just for you ;)


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