WHAT? A knot? A Video Tutorial: Restringing Your Beads

Ack, last night I was busily knitting away (with beads) and I ran into a KNOT! What the what? Since my beads were strung on in sequence I was highly motivated to fix the problem without having to unstring and re-string them... and I decided to take a video to show you how!

NOTE if you are working with beads that are prestrung in a specific pattern:
You need to cut the thread after you transfer the beads onto it and string them back onto the yarn with that end so they end up in the correct order.


  1. Thank you!!
    Such a good idea!
    And I'm glade that you can work on your project again without getting CRAZYyyy!

  2. Is is possible to cut the knot out and then do a russian join of the two cut ends? Or would it end up being too thick for the beads to pass over?

  3. This works with lace weight, but normally fingering weight is too heavy... great question!

  4. Once you have the beads onto your working yarn, how do you continue? Yarn is no longer attached to your project.

    1. Easy... it's just as if you are attaching a new ball of yarn! Just start knitting with it, and you'll have the ends to weave in when you are done!

  5. oh, geez...just saw this video after restringing all my beads TWICE because of knots! Well, now I know...lol

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  7. This is going to come in handy some day! Thank you!


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