48 hours of NYC!

The girl had off the second half of last week and we decided to go down to NYC with her (and my!) friend Devon... SO.MUCH.FUN!!!!  I think I really do want to be a teenager again... seeing the city through their eyes was a serious treat.  Want to share in our adventure?
We started off at the Met... after soaking in the classics we headed into the Modern sculpture and painting section.
This "coil" of rope by Liza Lou and artists in Kua-Zulu Natal is actually 1 mile of beaded cord... handwork of this magnitude amazes me.
Our reflection in a stainless steel wall hanging by Anish Kapoor.
When we had our fill at the Met the rest of the day was spent wandering in the sunshine in Central Park and Fifth Avenue where we couldn't afford anything we liked but candy at FAO Schweetz!
The next day we headed downtown... we started on Broadway at the Brooklyn Bridge and walked north... I stumbled upon my new favorite fabric store.. Jem.  Jem is a chaotically creative fabric warehouse dedicated to supporting young artists and designers.
I already regret what I didn't buy there, and know I will be back!
I might regret not buying these boots too.... (I kinda have a boot thang)
Anzula Yarn at Purl Soho
I did FALL in love with the Anzula at Purl Soho.
Gnomes vs Snowmen

We saved the best for last... Anna Hrachovec's Gnomes Vs. Snowmen: The Battle for MochiMochi Land at Gallery Hanahou The girls loved this exhibit as much as I did... I kept hearing peels of laughter from them as we wandered looking at the installation. Gnomes vs Snowmen is based on the Bayeux Tapestry depicting the Norman Conquest of England in the 11th century. If this exhibit ever makes it to a gallery near you, it is not to be missed!

Gnomes vs Snowmen Montage

Here are a few sections of the display that really tickled our funny bone!  Clockwise from top left: Gnomes Discover that Scarves are Great for Beheading the Enemy, A Trojan Carrot, PG-13 Gnomes, The Truce.  (go to my flickr stream if you want to see larger versions of these!)


  1. LOVE the Gnomes v Snowmen! totally hysterical.

  2. Wow, gorgeous all around! Thanks for the boot inspiration; I'm heading to NYC in a couple of weeks and will plan on finding those Miz Mooz! That in addition to dragging the boyfriend to LYSs in every neighbourhood we explore. :)

  3. I agree Colleen- TOTALLY hysterical!

    And Rebecca? You will have a GREAT time in NY, it's one of my fav cities to explore!


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