Vogue Knitting Holiday and a Story....

Such fun... a copy of Vogue Knitting Holiday came in the mail, and guess what?

Butin is featured in the What's New section!  Thanks Vogue (and Rebecca!)  They even included an abbreviated version of how the Butin Collar got it's name... have you heard it?

In fall of 2010 my design was done and all it needed was a name before I could send it into Creative Knitting.   So I went to Google translate and started looking for certain key words that “fit” the feel of the necklace... I do this ALOT when I am naming patterns. I was calling the center motif a “swag”, and when I typed it in and chose French, I got Butin, which I loved!

But ACK! Look what happens if you type in Butin and ask it to detect the language and translate it to English:
Turns out Butin in French also means BOOTY in English....

(Um, whoops?  Hope y’all like your booty necklaces)


  1. well, it IS a "saucy" little necklace ;)

  2. That's gonna be a one sexy necklace I suppose. :)

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  3. Well, it does mean booty, but in the sense of "loot or plunder gained, esp. by piracy " or "something gained or won", not the colloquial American sense :)
    So totally right for swag, and not naughty at all... unless you want it that way ;) But I agree that checking the translation the other way as well is always a good plan.


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