The Winners!


I am taking the day off and plan to hike, eat, and knit my visiting friends but I wanted to stop in quickly to let you know who the Friday giveaway winners are:

"I've been eying this book for a while :) I 'spose my secret is that although I'm usually up to do whatever my friends want to do, mostly I'd prefer to stay at home and do nothing."

"I think I agree with the previous commenter who said a cape(let) is something open that closes in front while a poncho is a one-piece, closed garment. But to be honest, you could call it a porkchop and I'd still want to knit it - it's beautiful!"

Can I just say that I love the wit and intellect that you all expressed in these comments.  I read everyone and laugh out loud OFTEN!

Get in touch to claim your prizes... and congratulations!


  1. Oh how exciting! I've been eyeing this book since I saw it the first time at Stitches South in, what, February?! What a great way to start the day!


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