My NEW Stitch Strap!

I had a VERY good mail day yesterday! Guess what came?

My New Splityarn Camera Strap!

A new camera strap in my friend Betz's new fabric line Stitch, made by another friend Caro. Can I just take a moment to say... I LIKE MY FRIENDS! These two ladies creative genius' has resulted in the coolest camera strap ever! 

My New Splityarn Camera Strap!
I've had my eye on Caro's camera straps for quite some time and was just waiting for the perfect fabric to get one made in.  It was HARD to choose which one of Betz's new fabrics to get it made in... see?
Stitch by Betz White in Garden
Stitch by Betz White in Lagoon
Betz wears many hats very well, she is a designer, sewer, felter, mom, graphic artist, teacher, and friend! Stitch is her first fabric line and is printed on 100% organic cotton... I love how she took her passion for hand work and transferred it to a print line. I have some project bags in the works out of more of it.... how could I not? I found it on-line here in case you need some too!
My New Splityarn Camera Strap!
One thing I would like to add as a PSA... it is VERY hard to take a picture of your new camera strap, while the camera strap is on the camera you want to take the picture with.... you will NEVER see the out-takes from this shoot, I promise!


  1. Beautiful! Now I want one too...and a fancy camera like yours hanging from the ends of it!



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