Florida HERE I COME!

In two weeks time I'm outta here.. flying down to Florida to see my dear parents for Thanksgiving... and then you know what?  I leave the kid with them and dart over to the East coast to teach at A Good Yarn for 2 days!  I CAN'T WAIT!  I've heard fabulous things about it from Kate and Melissa and I am so looking forward to spending time there myself!
On Friday I'll be teaching Knitting Jewelry with Beads.  This is a great introductory course to knitting with bead while getting to make jewelry at the same time!
On Saturday I'll be teaching Clarus... we'll start out the shawl, learn LOTS of tricks for working lace, and even discuss how to add beads to the bottom edge.  I've only taught this class on-line and I am so looking forward to teaching it in real life!

Palm Trees and sunshine.... here we come!


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