I can feel the winds picking up and I fear that we are in our last real days of warmer weather... this means it's time for me to think about how I am staying warm this winter!  One thing I knew I needed before winter was a new earband. 

I saw Cal at Rhinebeck wearing Jill's Laurel I decided right there and then to make one.  (Actually, I tried Cal's on first...)
This design is brilliant in it's simplicity as the super fat cables create a dense fabric  that "cups" your ears keeping them SUPER cozy.  
Pattern: Laurel by Jill Draper
Yarn: Madeline Tosh DK in Kale (my favorite veggie!)


  1. YAY! so pretty! i love the color, though it doesn't look like kale to me! i should make a more neutral one that i can wear with everything...


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